Freelancer Office Docs

FO is a project management app designed for small & medium businesses. Give your team a central hub for task management and improved project planning. Empower your team to keep projects on track.

  1. Features
  2. What's included
  3. Getting started


Don’t just manage projects. Manage your entire workflow and get more done.

Invoicing System

Create and send invoices online, then accept payments online with Paypal, Stripe and more.

Expenses Tracking

Track project expenses and add them directly to client invoices.

Track Milestones

With milestones, the team knows when major project stages are due to be completed.

Time Tracking

Simple and quick time entry means there’s no excuse not to track, and you’ll have the data you need to bill accurately and budget wisely.

Project Manager

Meet deadlines more easily and improve business communication across the board.

Ticketing System

Assign, resolve and win a satisfied customer on every query with the ticketing system that lets you do way more.

Bug Tracking

What gets tracked gets improved! That means carefully tracking what needs fixing, fixing it and verifying that the fixes work.

Messaging System

Use this feature to discuss anything with your clients, admins and collaborators.


If your language is not included in the current release, create your own translation. Share/Contribute to your language on Github

What's included

Once you download freelancer office from codecanyon, you should see the file structure of the script as below.

  • application
    • config
      • config.phpContains codeigniter config items stored in an array called $config.
      • database.phpLets you store your database connection values.
      • routes.phpDefine your Routing rules in this file
    • helpersContains codeigniter helper functions
    • logsStores error messages generated by FO.
    • libraries
      • Applib.phpContains most of the functions used in FO
      • Tank_auth.phpContains all authentication functions
    • modulesAll system modules are located here.
  • systemCodeigniter system folder Do not edit files in this folder..
  • captchaContains captcha images generated during registration.
  • resource
    • backupContains freelancer office database and system backups
    • bug-filesProject bug files are stored here
    • project-filesContains all project files uploaded
    • uploadsContains invoice receipts and expense receipts
    • images
      • logos
        • invoice_logo.pngContains invoice logo
      • logo.pngSystem logo
    • cssContains all css styles used in FO
    • avatarContains user avatars
    • jsContains all js plugins used in FO
    • updatesStores new update files
    • upgrade_{version}.php Contains SQL statements required for upgrading
  • .htaccess
  • handler.php
  • index.php
  • license.txt

The documentation is also included in the main package.

Getting started

Here is what you need to do prior to installing Freelancer Office. Read the step-by-step guide:

  • Create a Database

    Here is a video showing how to create a database.

    Creating a Database

  • Create a database user

    After creating a database, now create a database user and assign privileges.

    Creating a Database User

  • Get Purchase Code

    We'll need your purchase code to verify your installtion. Go to your Envato Account and download your purchase code.

  • [OPTIONAL] Mandrill or Postmark Account

    You can use Mandrill or postmarkapp to send transactional emails to your client's inbox.


    Freelancer office requires CRON to perform several functions i.e auto-close tickets, auto-send email reminders etc.