Database Setup

Here are steps to create freelancer office database.
Login to your PHPMyadmin http://domain/phpmyadmin

Create a new database or click on SQL and type CREATE DATABASE {DB_NAME}

Project Management System Database

Create a new Database User {If a user doesn't exist} and allow privileges to Create, Delete, Update and Select from the database created above;
Project Management System Database
Proceed with the installation.

Automatic Installation

.htaccess Setup Steps

Manual Installation

If your auto installation doesn't work, proceed as below:

Known Issues

To use the auto installer, proceed as follows:

Installation Errors
  • I get 404/500 server error?
    Ensure mod_rewrite is enabled. {Contact your host to enable}.

    Next, read on .htaccess setup here

  • I keep getting database connection failed?
    Ensure your database user has the right privileges to perform CRUD operations

    Make sure the database username used and the password are correct and that mysql host is setup correctly.

    Here are the steps to create a database user

Other Setups

Check below for other setups: