1. Create Invoices
  2. View Invoices
  3. Email Invoices
  4. Recurring Invoices
  5. Payments
  6. Taxes
  7. PDF Invoices

Create Invoices

To create invoices, go to Invoices » Sales » Invoices » Create Invoice: Project Management System - Invoices

Enter your invoice information and Click

A new invoice will be created so you can add invoice items.

Enter your items and click to save the item. Project Management System - Invoices

When you are done adding invoice items, you can generate a PDF of your Invoice by clicking on the button Project Management System - Invoices

View Invoices

You can view your invoices in Sales » Invoices : Project Management System - Invoices

You can sort your invoices using the filter by drop down button Project Management System - Invoices

To search for a specific company invoices, type the company name on the Search box and you'll get a list matching your search.

Project Management System - Invoices

Email Invoices

Once you've created your invoice, it's super easy to send a customized email to your client with a link to their invoice and attached PDF of the Invoice. They can then pay it immediately, no login required..
Click on button

Project Management System - Email Invoices
Click on Email Invoice and customize the text message and hit Project Management System - Email Invoices
Your clients will receive an email together with an attached Invoice as PDF Project Management System - Email Invoices
You can also send invoices to individual contacts in a company. Click on Clients section and choose the contact to send your email to:
Project Management System - Email Invoices

Recurring Invoices

Repeating yourself is a pain. Why build the same invoice up every week or month when you could let freelancer office do that for you?

In order to create recurring invoices just click the Edit Invoice link. When the edit invoice page is displayed, click on button then simply enter a start date, frequency, and Recur End Date.

Project Management System - Recur Invoices

If you check the Email on Recur option in Invoice Setting section, once an invoice is created, it will be automatically sent to the client and the created invoice will appear in the Invoices area. Project Management System - Recur Invoices

Invoice Payments

Enable/ Disable Payment Methods

Go to Settings > Payments Settings and add your Payment Information i.e Paypal Email, Stripe Keys, 2Checkout API credentials etc.
Project Management System - Payments

When creating or editing a Invoice, the Payment Methods will appear in the Create/Edit Invoice form.

Project Management System - Payments

We support:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • 2checkout
  • Bitcoin Plugin
  • Manual Payment method Admin Only
Once you’ve set this up, your clients will have the option to Pay Online. When an invoice is paid online it will automatically be marked as ‘paid’ in Freelancer Office.
Project Management System - Payments


You can add multiple taxes to freelancer office and apply them to Invoice Items or your entire Invoice.

To add tax rates, go to Invoices » Sales » Taxes » New Tax Rate:

Project Management System - Taxes

You can then apply the Tax rates to your Invoice items using the Tax dropdown button while adding Invoice Items.

Project Management System - Taxes